Systems & Stories.

By combining business acumen, full-stack development expertise and a clear focus on  user experience at Yukawa, we achieve real value for our partners. Yukawa is an external speedboat - flexible, efficient, and lean.


Yukawa sincerely believes, that it must first understand its client’s philosophy and strategy in order to build the right technology. We build partnerships that go beyond classical supplier-customer relationships.

As a result, we have become experts in the development of digitally driven business models. Yukawa´s project managers not only deliver technology projects but also understand our client’s business model and key metrics. We put ourselves in the perspective of our client’s customers - regardless of whether they are B2B or B2C.

  • Reduce fulfilment costs by automating order-to-cash processes

  • Increase efficiencies by integrating suppliers to the client's IT landscape

  • Push conversion rates by adding single sign on for web and mobile app shoppers

  • Improve sales processes by adding a digital flavour to manual procedures

  • Cut administrative efforts by introducing a commission engine for the sales force


We develop individual software solutions and integrate them into your existing system landscape. With a highly motivated team of experts, our delivery is fast and flexible. We never start from scratch, yet we develop highly independent and customised products for our clients.

Our Yukawa Weave Framework is already being used by numerous clients and, in addition to IoT ecosystems, includes business functionalities such as order management, logistics and CRM.

> IoT-Concepts

Our architects craft concepts for complete end-to-end IoT ecosystems, which allow our clients to digitise their hardware and enter the era of digital recurring revenues. We develop the entire ecosystem from scratch, including:

  • Cloud Server Technology using an integration layer that routes the entire communication between different applications.

  • Mobile Apps to remotely control the devices via websocket and Bluetooth.

  • Hardware / Machine User Interface: graphical user interface deployed on the hardware's display for offline use or designed to interact with the mobile app.

  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence: central data lake and visualisation tools to understand user and transactional behaviour.

  • MarTech and CRM: to feed and retrieve data to and from auxiliary systems to include multichannel customer data.

  • Backend and Fulfilment: to integrate ERPs and 3PL in order to process information and fulfil orders.

> Mobile Apps

Our team of mobile engineers and designers crafts cross platform apps for global brands used in the contexts of the Internet of Things (IoT), Communities and Commerce.

> Integration Layer

Yukawa was launched in 2009 with a focus on core integration projects. Since then, Yukawa has implemented its integration layer framework on many occasions in numerous contexts. It is designed to achieve


Yukawa Stories, is putting the user right at the centre of everything. From naming and branding to UX/UI projects, we have over 10 years experience with digital products built for startups and corporate startups.

We have learned that the success of digital business depends largely on compelling stories. We show the smart, but sometimes very technical innovation from the perspective of the user. This gives the product a face. For external target groups, but also gladly for the management team or the next important decision maker.

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Don’t hesitate to contact Mino

We’d be delighted to hear from you.